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02 January 2014 @ 09:26 pm

Cover Art: Saphire @jinwoolf

Pairing: Seungyoon/Taehyun (Kangnam); more Taehyun-centric.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3592
Genre: Realistic Fiction; Friendship; Character Study; Angst; Fluff(y ending).
Summary: Admist the screams and shouts of the rapper line and the ensuing explosions of laughter from the oldest hyung, he was always able to find silent comfort in Seungyoon, and comfortable silence was always a sign of closeness...right? (In which Taehyun reflects on his relationship with Seungyoon while waiting for the flight to take off, and realizes just how much he means to him.)
Disclaimer: Since this fic is very much grounded in reality, I feel like it's necessary for me to say that I do not own any of these characters, nor do I know how accurately I portray them; I have no idea what Taehyun's family life is like, and these are all figments of my imagination that I've used as a means to communicate and support my thoughts on Taehyun, on his personality, and on the relationship between Kangnam! Hope you enjoy, and don't mind its lengthiness, and how rambling it can get sometimes.

November 19, 2013;

Nam Taehyun was never particularly good with spoken conversation. He wished he were – it would have made friendship and socializing and bonding and basically everything that Team A lacked in their earlier days so much easier to obtain – but of course, it wasn’t that simple for him. Sometimes, he blamed himself for the problems that arose between the members, especially during the months of WIN. He knew that he could come off as a bit cold, and that it could make the other four slightly uncomfortable sometimes. Nevertheless, Taehyun found it irritating and shallow that people judged the closeness of a relationship by the amount of visible interactions that took place between the individuals. He didn’t understand why he had to blatantly flaunt his relationship with Seungyoon to prove that it was strong.

Why had Mino thought that he was awkward with Seungyoon? If anything, the maknae savored every moment alone with the leader that he could get; admist the screams and shouts of the rapper line and the ensuing explosions of laughter from the oldest hyung, he was always able to find silent comfort in Seungyoon, and comfortable silence was always a sign of closeness…right?

It was early morning when the five boys boarded a plane that would take them back to Korea, after the surreal experiences that had taken place over the past few days in Japan. As the three oldest hyungs had another animated conversation about their amusement park adventures from last night, Taehyun sat calmly next to the window, pretending to read a book while in reality contemplating the dynamic of his relationship with Seungyoon. What better way to spend his time while waiting for the delayed flight to start?

Seungyoon, on the other hand, had already fallen fast asleep, and was snoring lightly when his head suddenly landed onto Taehyun’s shoulder. Taehyun let out a sigh, and continued to stare blankly at the book sitting on his lap. Seungyoon’s head was unusually heavy, but Taehyun guessed it was sort of a given, considering his 140 IQ. Damn him.

“Throw up your worries…to the sky…blow up……”

Taehyun snapped out of his thoughts and looked up from his book to find Seungyoon murmuring the lyrics of Go Up. He chuckled softly and shook his head, finding it funny and endearing that Seungyoon was so immersed in his music and his performance, even in his sleep. Almost by reflex, he started to harmonize with the leader. “Yeah we’ll go up, up up up up…”


Any words that were exchanged between Taehyun and Seungyoon rarely came unaccompanied by a melody and a harmony. The first day that Nam Taehyun had met Kang Seungyoon, the sweaty YG trainee who was supposed to be a celebrity, they were paired up in the same trainee group. Over the course of a few months, they established their positions as two of the strongest vocal contenders, a power duo – and since then, the dynamic of their entire relationship was set, just by that quality: singing. Some trainees would have thought they were inseparable, because during the free hours and breaks between practice at the YG training center, one could hardly walk through the practice rooms or hallways without hearing these two voices together, supporting each other in harmony.

The more Taehyun thought about it, the more he realized how much his relationship with Seungyoon was centered around performance. Sometimes, he felt like a greater part of their communication was through singing – through making music – than through actually having conversation about their real lives. To Seungyoon and Taehyun, singing was instinctive. But how much time did they ever spend communicating in words, getting to know each other for who they really were, outside of the singing and the practicing, and beyond the label of “YG Trainee” that had been placed upon them?


“I don’t know you,
but I want you,
all the more for that.”

Seungyoon had started to sing again, still asleep. This time, it was “Falling Slowly”, one of his favorite songs to sing with Taehyun; the first song that they had performed on the day they had spent busking in Shibuya.
Of course, Taehyun harmonized accordingly.

“Words fall through me,
and always fool me,
and I can’t react.”


Nam Taehyun remembered the first time he laid eyes and ears on Kang Seungyoon, through the TV screen that was broadcasting a re-run of SuperStar K2. It was a Saturday evening, and Taehyun was spending the night with his family after a long day of dance practice – his YG audition was coming up in a month.

“Oh, he’s my favorite!” his mother exclaimed excitedly, as Kang Seungyoon belted out the final note of “Instinctively”, his most famous performance.

“He’s the same age as Taehyunnie, but doesn’t his voice already sound so mature? I wish he hadn’t gotten eliminated. You know, whenever I see him, I always think of your hyung,” she said to Donghyun, who quietly nodded. “They seem to have so much in common.”

Taehyun scoffed. “Please. I would never even think of wearing that ridiculous hat.”

(Nor do I have the vocal power to do those vibrations that he always pulls off so well, he thought to himself.)

His mother laughed. “Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be standing there on the exact same stage as him, wearing outfits and makeup just as excessive. Isn’t that what you’ve been training for all this time?”

“Yeah, if I actually manage to get myself into YG Entertainment,” Taehyun muttered. Although Taehyun was confident in his abilities, practice was never enough. He knew that he had more to prove than what he already had at hand.

If there was one thing that Taehyun feared, it was incompetence. Between living with a busy mother who ran a small restaurant that guaranteed only a fluctuating income, a timid little brother who struggled with social anxiety problems, and a negligent father who was constantly occupied by his day-job (or so he said) and barely left any time to come back to his family, Taehyun lived in a constant state of ambition, always feeling like he needed to push himself to uphold his pride. That was part of the reason why he had so many talents and abilities: singing, dancing, boxing, martial arts, writing, composing tracks – you name it, all the while being a straight A student. Occupying himself with extra-curricular activities every second of the day was not only a great way to detach himself from his shitty reality, which took place in the form of a school filled with boring classes and boring people who all wanted the same things, but also to take his mind off of how fucked up his family life had been for the past few years.

Nothing was ever merely “enough” for Nam Taehyun, there was always “better”, “improved”, or “more refined”. Everything he did had to be perfect, whether he liked what he was doing or not. Sometimes he put so much pressure on himself that his mother worried about his mental well-being, though she never talked to him about it because she knew that her rebellious son wouldn’t listen. Taehyun was never satisfied with himself.

“Just be patient, son. The day will come sooner than you know, just like it did for Kang Seungyoon. Isn’t he training at YG now, too? Everything will work out, but you must always have hope.”


"Games that never amount
to more than they're meant
will play themselves out."

Seungyoon, whose head was still on Taehyun's shoulder, sang his verse, and Taehyun prepared himself for the chorus.


“Mom, it’s dinnertime. Where’s dad?” Taehyun said, turning down the volume of the TV.

The smile that was previously on his mother’s face faded slowly. “I don’t know where he is, Taehyunnie. Haven’t you gotten a bit tired of asking that question, if I always give you the same answer?”

Taehyun didn’t respond.

(After all, he knew his dad had been gone since a long time ago – now as good as a stranger to the family – but sometimes he still tried to convince himself otherwise.)


“Take this sinking boat,
And point it home,
We’ve still got time.”


These past few months have been very harsh on all of them, but Taehyun knew that Seungyoon had it the hardest. After the leader switch, Seungyoon had been pushing himself much more than before: always making sure the team was on schedule and organized, writing songs and composing tracks into the crack of dawn, even going as far as doubling his dance practice time when Seunghoon subtly jabbed at his lack of dance talent. He did a fantastic job of hiding his exhaustion with all sorts of things, ranging from his stoic nature and natural sense of leadership to his weird humor and his bizarre laughter, but Taehyun could see that he was burning out. He just didn’t understand how he contained himself so well.

Seungyoon had always been such a paradox to Taehyun. Beyond his childlike innocence and pure demeanor, he possessed a maturity far beyond their age, and a range a talent so wide and so thorough, and yet, those weren’t even the qualities that Taehyun was most envious over.

Seungyoon-hyung always kept his composure, no matter the circumstance. He never cracked under pressure, and he never cried – he didn’t know the meaning of tears. Some people thought that Seungyoon’s image was a bit too sentimental for an entertainment company dominated by a “cool” and “elitist” reputation, and yet, nobody bothered noticing how in reality, Seungyoon was so good at detaching from his emotions. He never let any of his feelings get to him – positive feelings never stopped him from being humble, and negative feelings never stopped him from focusing on the task at hand, and creating something beautiful and meaningful. Nobody was under more pressure than Seungyoon, and yet nobody handled it better than he did.

No matter how much Taehyun tried to be the strong maknae, he was always known as “the sensitive one”, because as much as he hated it, he could be really transparent sometimes. Seungyoon-hyung was much more opaque. He never vocalized his pain, never complained, and when the members screwed up, he almost never got angry or scolded them – he was constantly reminding them that they could bounce back, that they could improve, that things would get better, that they should just appreciate every chance of performance that they got, that they would go up. He never needed cheering up, because it was always him that was doing the cheering up for everyone else, but sometimes Taehyun wondered if Seungyoon had days when he just wanted to scream and explode in front the other members, like the way Taehyun felt sometimes.

Seungyoon had built a wall for himself - separating his personal emotions and worries from those of the rest of his teammates - and always prioritized what was on the other side of the wall over his own side. He never let his guard down, and maybe that was the reason why Taehyun had never tried to connect with him on a more personal level.


“Raise your hopeful voice,
You have a choice,
You’ll make it now.”


“What role are you in charge of in the team?”

The words of the CEO had hit Taehyun like a train, and echoed endlessly through his head, as he sobbed uncontrollably into the palms of his hands.

“You don’t stand out. Your high notes are nothing special.”

“Debut, or the army? Your choice.”

“I’d like to see you be able to defeat Team B, even just once.”

It was all his fault. It would be his fault if Team A lost to Team B. It would be his fault if his hyungs went off to the army. It’s his fault that he was so uncooperative, so insignificant and incompetent – what was his role in the team?

“May I get a tissue, please?” Seungyoon had said to the staff, as he took one from the camera man and gave it to the maknae. He willed himself not to cry along with the maknae, which was a hard task, because he understood.


“Falling slowly,
Eyes that know me.
And I can’t go back.

Moods that take me,
And erase me,
And I’m painted black.”


Perhaps the part that hurt the most, in Seungyoon's mind, was that the viewers of the current scene would interpret Taehyun's tears as merely another natural, emotional reaction to being criticized, but Seungyoon knew that it was much more than that. Seungyoon could see through it all: the tears of a boy who hated the life that he was doomed to, who wanted nothing more than to break away from whatever he had left of his family and his friends and the cruelties of the ones who had hurt him – a boy who wanted nothing more than to make his mother proud. A boy who would do anything and everything and go above and beyond all things imaginable, just to prove himself worthy, just to convince himself that he wasn’t as pathetic; that he fulfilled a purpose, unlike everyone around him.

Even without Taehyun speaking a single word, Seungyoon understood – how could he not? He had been through all of this before.

And yet, he never wanted to talk about it with Taehyun, because he always wanted to be the strong, hyung figure for the maknae, who lacked a father figure in his life, just like he had.

But in that moment, Seungyoon finally realized that maybe remaining silent and refraining from expressing his feelings wasn’t always the best way to solve problems. How ironic, that he was always the one trying so hard to get them to be more cooperative, more like a team... and yet, maybe he also played a part in the lack of teamwork between the members of Team A.


“You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself;
It’s time that you won.”


“Hyung, how do you do it?” was what Taehyun had once asked him. “How do you manage to keep your life together?”

“Our boss basically threw you into a sudden slew of solo promotions in the midst of our already intense competition, but you still manage to contribute so much to every aspect of the team. How do you manage to even physically function?” Taehyun had said once, the time when Seungyoon forced himself to participate in dance practice, even though he had a cast on his neck.

“How do you even manage to get by in Team A, when you probably know that you deserve the title of ‘leader’?”

“You work so hard on every part of our performances, how have you not burned out yet?”

“How do you function under the pressure of being in your second survival program, knowing that your efforts and sweat and blood and tears are being sold to the public as some sort of game that determines the rest of our lives?”

These were all actual questions that Taehyun had asked him, as an attempt to break the wall that shielded Seungyoon’s emotions. Seungyoon knew what he was trying to do, and yet, every time he asked a question like this, Seungyoon couldn’t help but feel hurt – not for himself – but for his maknae. Taehyun was so sensitive, so fragile and so desperate – Seungyoon feared that he would break soon, from all the pressure he put himself under.

So he would respond with his usual, “I’m okay.” “Let’s get back to work.” “Hey, do you think we should sing this song?”

The truth was, Seungyoon didn’t really know how he dealt with it all. (Nor was he always okay.)

But when the night after the second evaluation came, where Team A had lost to Team B again, Seungyoon felt like he could ignore those questions no longer.



“I’m sorry. I should be more cooperative in the future, just like hyung is. I should have just worked with the song and made the best out of it instead of complaining about how it didn’t suit me. I’m sorry for being selfish, I promise I will improve from now on.”

Seungyoon was taken aback. “Taehyun, you sounded fine today, I’m not here to scold you if that’s what you meant. I just…do you remember those questions that you would always ask me? About how to deal with pressure?”

The worried expression on Taehyun’s face fell slowly, as he took a deep breath, and listened attentively.

“Well, I mean, I guess it is a lot of pressure, being in WIN and having to do a solo and everything in between, but it makes it easier if I convince myself that I have nothing to prove.”

“What do you mean you have nothing to prove? You’re so talented, and you're the closest thing to a YG artist amongst all eleven of us. Shouldn’t you have the most to prove?”

Seungyoon sighed. He never understood how Taehyun managed to flatter him and worry him all at once.

“Out of everyone here, I understand you the most, Taehyun. You know that, right?” Seungyoon paused for a second, cautious of how to choose his next words.

“I know that you feel like you have a lot to prove. I know exactly how you feel, and WIN is the second time that I am going through that. But once you let that go – once you stop convincing yourself that you need to prove yourself, and just do what you have to do…then everything just comes naturally, I guess.”

Taehyun stood there in silence, shocked at his response, as everything started to begin making sense. This was the closest he had come to breaking the wall; closest he had come to fully understanding his Seungyoon hyung.

“We are all here battling to prove ourselves, but the only thing certain at this moment is that we’re all here, and we all deserve to be here. Stop convincing yourself that you have to prove yourself, because even if you don’t believe it, you are enough. You are more than enough, Nam Taehyun; you are one of the most talented people I have ever met, and the only thing that’s preventing you from showcasing all your talents is the extra pressure that you put on yourself. It’s suppressing you, and you can’t let that happen.”


“It’s getting late, we should go to bed. Have confidence in yourself, Taehyun. You have nothing to prove, and everything to show.

“Thanks, Seungyoon-hyung.”

Seungyoon walked out of Taehyun’s room, turning off the lights and closing the door.

"Sleep tight, hyung," said Taehyun, who was glad that Seungyoon had turned off the lights, because then he wouldn't be able to see the tears that were filling up Taehyun's eyes.

"Sleep tight, Taehyunnie."

And for the first night in a month, Taehyun was able to.


Taehyun watched Seungyoon – the hyung who had always known his heart, who always understood him, despite never saying it aloud – as he continued to sing in his sleep. He watched the leader – who left so many of his worries unspoken – as he finally entered a state of peace.

It was then that Taehyun realized how proud and thankful he was to have met the boy who sang in that ridiculous hat on that audition program from years ago.


“Falling slowly,
Sing your melody,
I’ll sing it now.”


As the song came to a close, Taehyun heard a giggle. He looked down to find Seungyoon, whose eyes turned out to be open. He lifted his head off of Taehyun’s shoulder and looked at him, his expression filled with mirth.

"As expected, the maknae always sings with me.”

Taehyun started laughing, too. “You were pretending to be asleep all this time?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to test you.” Seungyoon chuckled, as Taehyun rolled his eyes. Sometimes, he forgot how playful the serious leader could be.


“Yes, hyung?”

Seungyoon paused for a second. “How do you feel right now?”

“Tired, just like you.”

“No, I mean beyond that. I was wondering how you felt, after these past few days in Japan. Have you regained your hope? You always used to talk about proving yourself, and I haven't heard words like that for a while. And look at us now, we just finished our first performances as Winner. So now, are you finally satisfied with yourself?”

Taehyun smiled. As usual, he felt as if his hyung had been reading his mind the whole time.

“You’re ridiculous, hyung. Of course I’m satisfied. Much more than that, actually.”

Seungyoon grinned back sleepily, looking more childlike than Taehyun had ever seen him. “Well, that’s all I wanted to hear,” he said as he wrapped his arms around his precious maknae, who returned the gesture and tightened the embrace. "I'm glad."

“Omo omo omo! Quick, take a picture of it with your phone!” he heard Mino whisper loudly in the background, probably to Seunghoon.

“Wow, this is a moment to remember! Our maknaes are so cute~” From the seats next to him, Taehyun heard the stupid hyungs fawning over Seungyoon and himself in a mock-aegyo tone, but he didn’t care.

After all, he knew that his relationship with Seungyoon needed no explanation or justification; it was instinctive.

The seatbelt signs turned on, and Seungyoon once again laid his head on Taehyun’s shoulder. “I’m actually going to go to sleep now, this time. I’m so tired.”

Taehyun giggled lightly. “Alright,” he whispered, as he rested his head on top of Seungyoon’s, his own eyelids slowly falling closed.

"Sleep tight, hyung."
"Sleep tight, Taehyunnie."

The flight took off. They were going up.


You’ve made it now.”


this is strictly a lab partnership: Chanyeol - Wolfvvipforseungri on January 3rd, 2014 12:32 am (UTC)
cute cute cute. i love these kinds of fics. ty!
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on January 3rd, 2014 11:56 pm (UTC)
thank you very much! i'm glad ;;
(Deleted comment)
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on January 3rd, 2014 11:57 pm (UTC)
Oh my god thank you so much!! I'm not sure how to feel about making you cry (I'm sorry ;__;) but I'm glad that you found it realistic! That was my aim, so I'm thankful. And thank you for liking my writing style! asjksjlsakf I have nothing else to say but thank you, you're so sweet <3
quotidianue: pic#121503320quotidianue on January 3rd, 2014 03:59 am (UTC)
I feel like this was such a good read not just as someone looking for a good fic, but as a writer myself. I really love how you managed to portray both Taehyun and Seungyoon without over-emphasising their characters, rather focusing on studying them and making them more realistic ;;

Especially Taehyun calling Seungyoon a paradox! I inwardly yelled because it's a thought that's been dancing in my head for a while and someone else noticed and I just want to yell five times over kudos to you!!

+ the extra at the end where hyungs are cooing over maknaes. TRUST.

In any case, this was overall a gorgeous read~
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on January 4th, 2014 12:00 am (UTC)

I've always been interested in character study and because I suck at creative/AU type writing, I decided to stick with realistic headcanons, so I'm so glad that you found it realistic!

And YES to the paradox point, I find both Seungyoon AND Taehyun to be walking paradoxes so the fact that someone agrees with me just makes me feel great ; u ; And of course, a realistic Winner scenario is never complete without dumb Minhoon :'')

Thank you very much! <3
quotidianue: pic#121503320quotidianue on January 4th, 2014 04:59 am (UTC)

Ahh? From your writing it doesn't seem like it's something you'd be bad out, I def recommend branching out a bit to see what you can do ;3;

Yesss! More people should jump onto this realisation, it's absolutely great to realise that they're not just clear-cut one side to a coin (esp since they're "people", not just "idols") -- Minhoon is really too dumb precious!

You're very welcome. Thanks for sharing <3
some: nam taehyun coloursometimeforever on January 6th, 2014 03:25 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad I read this! I feel like you have these two & their relationship down perfectly (& especially after watching episode 4 of Winner TV & seeing Seungyoon write his letters to Taehyun!). <3
Carolkangsong on January 6th, 2014 05:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!!!

I posted this fic literally the day before episode 4 aired, and I'm gonna be completely honest, I was actually so surprised with myself for writing in things that actually matched the episode so well. I was just "?????? THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINED KANGNAM" so yeah, anyway I'm really glad that you enjoyed this fic!!! It really means a lot; I still have lots of things I can improve on, looking over what I wrote (this is only my second time writing fanfic ;~;) but nevertheless, thank you for your motivation! <3
some: nam taehyun coloursometimeforever on January 6th, 2014 08:55 pm (UTC)
Yay! Well keep writing! I only just posted the 5th ever fanfic I've written (& the first 2 I wrote were years ago) a few days ago so we can be practise buddies :D x
mjallirow: Sunggyumjallirow on January 6th, 2014 11:54 pm (UTC)
I've just recently gotten into Winner and have been through a VERY intensive period of watching everything there is of them and can I just say /wow/ this is so beautiful and I feel like you really pinned their characters down I just
These two morons are adorable and amazing (they all are) and yes I feel like Taehyun holds himself to a very high standard, higher than he holds everyone else and the thing with the "what's your role" oh GOOD GOD I had PAIN in my HEART and just
I keep ending on just

well back to the point of this stupid comment; I loved this fic I love you I now stalk your tumblr AND you lj so yeah let that sink in
seriously, wonderful great keep 'em coming please? :D <333
kizz hugzz
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on March 8th, 2014 04:46 am (UTC)
Later reply, sorry ;n;

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you're getting into Winner and I'm also glad that you found my characterization realistic and oh god wow you are so kind!! Thank you for "stalking" my social networks too LOL you're the sweetest!

[kisses + hugs you back]
the fruits of love: pic#121254701citrus_sarang on January 14th, 2014 02:30 pm (UTC)
i loved this a lot! i really like how you foiled their characters, and it made the lit. geek in me come out ><
you described them really well too, and i love how you kept going back to "Falling Slowly"
and the ending was so adorable :')
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on March 8th, 2014 04:47 am (UTC)
Ahh thank you so much! "lit. geek" omfg the fact that my characterization brought it out is seriously such an honor. Thank you. And I can never listen to Falling Slowly without thinking of Kangnam anymore ;___; Thank you for commenting! ^^
southelemila on February 17th, 2014 05:01 pm (UTC)
I really love this fic ;____; Wuauu It's my first time reading Kang Nam fic ! And really like it!!
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on March 8th, 2014 04:48 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! ^^
(Deleted comment)
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on March 8th, 2014 04:50 am (UTC)
Oh my god, this comment makes me so happy I can't even ;n; Thank you so much for treasuring this fic, it honestly means so much to me because I wrote/rewrote/edited/thought through this fic a lot, and I'm so glad that you appreciate it! <3 Kangnam is actually probably the second most popular otp in Winner, from my understanding (the first being Namsong, haha), but yeah, there's a serious lack of Kangnam fics. On yg-winner LJ, in the kangnam tag I could only find my own fic ;____; I'll try to write more Kangnam fics in the future, too! Thank you! <3
(Anonymous) on March 7th, 2014 05:17 am (UTC)
i love this fanfic and i'm kangnam shipper
can you let me translate it into Vietnamese???
i'll credit for sure :")
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on March 8th, 2014 04:51 am (UTC)
Wow, thank you so much! It's such an honor that you would want to translate my fic, so for sure, go for it! Would you mind giving me your user identity or linking me to the translation once you are done? ^__^ Thank you! <3
kocch: pink yoonkocch on June 22nd, 2014 11:59 pm (UTC)
So... I seriously don't know how to comment this fic.
I cried twice (the first time i read it and when i re-read it later) and this is probably because everything you wrote was somehow real - or so realistic that i can just picture that in their real life. all that pressure and all those emotions were just too real in your writing that i-- i think this as a compliment, that i cried XD you were able to write all of this so intensely. and of course, as i am attached to these 5 boys a lot (and these two), i just couldn't help it.
anyway, enough. so. this is just the beginning because i seriously have to talk a lot about this fic. because you made me think SO MUCH. wow. i thought i knew them, but somehow you made me think more than usual about their personalities/their backgrounds/reasons/everything. of course this is a fic and not the reality (we just can't know), but this makes so much sense and is so grounded that i just was overwhelmed by it (in a good way).
i usually ship them more romantically, i have to admit it (but in a playful way, i just like them a lot) -- but this fic made me reconsider things XD (no, i won't stop to ship them romantically LOL but you really opened my eyes somehow about their relationship as friends, as human beings really)...
everything you wrote was there - in their habits and moments on tv and in my mind, me who observed them- but you exposed and revealed all those things in a very deep way. like a puzzle, you placed everything in its place. I love this kind of fic (when you just study a character and don't make things happen, plot-wise, but you just explore his personality) and you managed it very well.
ahhh ok i'm just rambling. so.
i really felt for taehyun in this fic. i understood him better. as i said, everything was already there (just hints, really), but the way you explained all makes the difference. everything makes sense: his desire to make his mom proud, his way of be a perfectionist because he has to be perfect, and everything he did to fill up the free time; and how he was stressed out and seungyoon understood him... i'm sure i'm forgetting things. his paradoxical desire to be the best but the sad reality of him feeling the worst. how strong he is because he manages to do everything he asked to do, but how weak he is, too. his fear of incompetence. everything.
and how you said that they didn't really talked a lot, but just sang together. i think this is true and well, that's already a lot. just being together is something important, because we show ourselves in many ways - not just word. and i think their bond is born by them practising together and feeling the same.
and wow. seungyoon!! i loved how wrote about him and his way to detach his feelings/the wall he created because YES this is so freaking true (i'm not crying now i swear, but the feels!) ... i don't even know how to express this in words but YES just YES i think this is so true. and. i loved how you played this card in the fic and how he opened up to taehyun. yoon is always so under pressure and i think he made himself strong by living by some rules he made for himself. (like "you have to prove nothing"). because he couldn't survive this otherwise.
... i think there are a lot of things to say about yoon in your fic but i'll just stop now because i can't really put it up decently.
ugh this is so long. last thing (maybe), i just loved how you finished the fic because i could feel the relief. they just went up. they found each other and helped each other (well, more yoon helped tae) and they become closer. they already were close because they were similar, but they got to know they were like this by talking and finally be sincere totally.

this fic is really precious and i love it. i hope you'll write more kangnam (and i'll try to read your other fics with the other ships XD)
*__* (fuck i wrote a poem)

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Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on August 18th, 2014 02:05 am (UTC)

/breathes/ okay
You gave me a heartattack with this review. Thank you so much. Long and insightful reviews like this mean so much to me, and I'm so glad that you appreciate this fic and thought that it was realistic, because that is one of my ultimate goals of fic-writing. I can't believe that I made you cry with my writing but the fact that you felt for my characterization and my writing makes me so flattered and so happy, I can't even express it.
Sincerely, thank you. I wish I could write a long comment back and tell you even more about how much I appreciate your comment but I don't even know what to say anymore. ;A; Just, thank you.
kocch: pink yoonkocch on August 18th, 2014 11:59 am (UTC)
Haha don't worry and thank you for your fic :) really.
(Anonymous) on September 4th, 2014 05:24 am (UTC)
The way you portrayed Seungyoon it was so right on and you just laid out every reason I love about him in words and I think I fell in love with Seungyoon all the more after reading it. But what I loved the most was the part where Seungyoon said you don't have anything to prove. I think I really needed that because I do think I'm like Taehyun most of the time like I could see myself in him as I read trying to add even an extra pressure on myself which just adds to the burden of everything else I have. You're really so good at characterizing and I wish I could be as good as you in that aspect. All in all, it was an amazing read and inspiring as well :)))))
Carol: pic#122344821kangsong on September 7th, 2014 08:14 pm (UTC)
Ahh thank you!!! ;A; I'm also someone who puts lots of pressure on myself and worries easily, and I think I see myself in both Seungyoon and Taehyun. Comments like this really warm my heart, to know that not only do you enjoy my fics, but also that you can relate to them and that they could give you some sort of personal comfort. I'm so thankful for that, thank you so much and fighting!